About Weqaya


² Eligibility criteria for Weqaya Screening:

All adult - 18 years to 75 years of age and Holding a Daman insurance Thiqa Card.

² Composition of Weqaya Screening:

 P Questionnaire

  P Physical examination (height, weight, waist and hip circumference, blood pressure)

  P Blood test (including vitamin D, cholesterol, creatinine and diabetes indicator)

² Health Care Facilities offering Weqaya Screening:

 P Spread throughout the Emirate (Easter, Western and Middle/Abu Dhabi regions)

 P Public (SEHA/SEHA AHS) as well as Private facilities.

List of clinics constantly being updated as partners come on board and shared on websites (http://www.doh.gov.ae/programs-initiatives/weqaya-program.aspx  )

² Results of screening

  You will be informed about your results through the visited health care facility within five days. Each Weqaya screening participant receives a detailed test results medical report which is divided into three colors that Traffic light system used (red, amber, green)

Green results (normal risk) do not need to see a doctor but may do so if requested

Amber results (medium risk) need to see a doctor within 2 months

Red results (high risk) need to see a doctor within 2 weeks

All follow up will come directly from the clinic conducting the screening, and the client’s initiative

 ² Easily accessible information on Weqaya

 ÄGovernment call Centre (800555)

 ÄWeqaya webpage in DoH website:


 ÄWeqaya Website: