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What does my score mean?

Your Weqaya score is calculated from results of your Weqaya screening tests. The screening tests are globally recognized by health organizations worldwide as the best ways to identify cardiovascular risks. You will see on your report that six factors are shown including the combined overall Weqaya score. The overall score estimates your risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the future. When you know what your risk is, you can take actions to lower that risk, and as a result, you can improve your health.

Weqaya uses a simple ‘traffic light’ system. Green represents healthy results which are within a normal or acceptable range compared to the population average. Red represents an area of concern where a result is not within an acceptable or healthy average. If you see a red result, some action may be needed to improve your overall health.

How accurate is my score?

Testing is never 100% accurate, in rare cases results may be incorrect, and this will be true in a very small minority of cases. Some results are from screenings completed sometime in the past, so your health status may have changed in the interim. If you have specific questions about your score and the implications please contact your doctor directly.

Each time you are screened, your score is updated and the picture of your health status is updated over time. Weqaya service aims to provide you with the information, recommendations and services you need to improve your health, having a picture of your health means Weqaya can provide the correct information and services to help you be healthy and live longer.

I was tested recently. This score is out of date what does that mean?

Your score is changing when you do Weqaya screening every 3 years..

I am worried about what my score means, what can I do?

You are advised to see your doctor for a consultation.

I feel fine, but my score looks bad what should I do?

You might have CVD risk factors but you don’t have the symptoms. You are advised to see your doctor for a consultation.

Do I need to have medication if my score is red?
If you are at high risk of cardiovascular disease, as indicated in red, you should make an appointment to see a Doctor depending on what condition you have.
Who has access to this data about my health?

Your Doctor, DOH, and DMP.

How will my score be updated?

Every time you do Weqaya screening, your Weqaya score will be updated.

If my score is all fine, I assume I just do nothing?

If your scores are amber or green, you should still take action to live a healthier life.

I don’t have a score, what can I do?

You need to do Weqaya screening to have a Weqaya score.

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