Clinics for Smoking Cessation

The following are a list of facilities providing smoking cessation services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi:


Facility Name   Region    Contact Number
 Adnoc Medical Center  Abu Dhabi  02-6020000
 Al Dhafra Family Medicine Center  Abu Dhabi  02-8700000
 Al Jahli Healthcare Center  Al Ain  80050
 Al Muweiji Healthcare Center  Al Ain  80050
 Baniyas Healthcare Center  Abu Dhabi  80050
 Madinat Khalifa Healthcare Center  Abu Dhabi  80050
 Medical Services Administration Of Abu Dhabi Police Ghq  Abu Dhabi  02-5128179
 Ruwais Hospital  Abu Dhabi  02-6023150
 Sheikh Khalifa Medical City  Abu Dhabi  02-8196090
 Oud Al Touba Healthcare Center  Al Ain  80050
 American Center For Psychiatry And Neurology L.L.C  Abu Dhabi  02-6979999
 London Consulting Medical Center  Abu Dhabi  02-6261661
 Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi L.L.C  Abu Dhabi  800-8-2223
 Al Bateen Healthcare Center  Abu Dhabi  80050